7 Ways on How to Engage your Audience When Speaking in Public

Audience engagement is an important part of speaking in public. However, the attention span of millennials has become increasingly short. With only a few minutes to catch the attention of your audience, every step you take it crucial. To prevent you from failing to connect with your audience, we’ve got some help for you.

Here are 7 ways on how to engage your audience when speaking in public.

Go with the Unexpected

Why start softly when you can go with a bang? Lighting the first match will set the presentation in its place and catch the attention of the listeners. Creating an opening line will grab the audience’s attention and wonder where the speaker will lead them. This will cause them to jump into their subject and create suspense and curiosity.

Make the Opening About Them

Once you have gotten the audience’s attention, use your opening as the path to making the story about them. Talk about their goals, struggles, aspirations, and more. Soothing their anxiety will test your technique and impact as a speaker. This means that you can capture their attention and build the need to their personal goals.

Use Language That Will Appeal to the Senses

Show some props and entertainment in the beginning. Use language that will spark interest to the senses. Keep your smarts and tell a powerful story to get into the specific topic. After all, a great story will grab their attention immediately.

Keep the Conversation Going

Keep the discussions moving, not just in pace but also in development. This will ensure that every detail you want to provide will build onto the conversation. Listeners lose interest when nothing happens or the story when there is no drama or action. Humans are pressed on time and want instant results.

Be Persuasive

Understand the power of persuasion as it gives the speaker an advantage to change the chemistry of the setting. You don’t have to tell jokes, but you can simply allow your natural humor make itself pretend in the right moment. Allow the audience to feel a connection with you.

Interact With the Audience

Research demonstrates that an interactive audience will be more persuaded than a passive crowd. This gives the listeners a break through to engage with the speaker and interact with more than just listening.

Provide a Human Presence

Let your presence be profound. Whether you’re standing in front of a small meeting or on a platform, let your presence speak loud for all to hear. From your physical stance to your technical skills, listeners will interpret every action of the speaker.


The best course of action is to provide a dialogue rather than a straight-to-the-point presentation. Allow the audience to ask you questions and organize a time for discussion and feedback. This will keep your crowd involved and engaged in the presentation.

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In what ways do you engage your audience when speaking in public? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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