4 Reasons Why Body Language is Important in Public Speaking

Ever noticed the difference between a success speaker and those who lose their voice to the crowd? It takes confidence and charisma to speak in public? Many people believe that they are confident speakers, but looking at their body language may speak an entirely different story.

The main problem with being a confident public speaker is not how you prepare but how you project yourself as you stand in front of the crowd. Body language is about how you project your confidence, strength and how you command attention. Effective body language will support the message you are trying to portray along with a strong presence in the room.

Here are 4 Reasons Why Body Language is Important in Public Speaking

Posture Explains Everything

The posture of your body when you speak is almost more important that what you say in your speech. The objective is to be comfortable and show your authority as the speaker. You want your listeners to see how comfortable and motivated you are to discuss what you have to offer. If you tend to rock or sway as you move, keep your feet spread out and shoulders parallel to each other.

Bottom Line: Shift your perspective and become the leader. The audience will look up to you to lead as the chosen expert in the field. Use that power to take authority on the floor.

Be Memorable and Move Your Body

When speaking in public, it is important to develop trained body language techniques. This means using your hands, eyes, and entire body to move around the stage. Using your body language will benefit your voice and vocal expression.

Bottom Line: Learn how to effectively move your body smoothly as your speech. Capture different techniques to bring your speech to life.

Keep Eye Contact

Do you think it doesn’t matter if you bother looking at your audience instead of staring at your notes instead? Has anyone ever spoken to you but looked right through you as if you don’t exist? Public speakers often treat their audiences the same as they make little attempt to connect. However, that will eventually cause you to lose your audience.

Bottom Line: Eye contact builds up a connection in a way that makes them feel special and important. It will also give you instant feedback to see how well they respond to your speed.

Understand the Appropriate Gestures

What you do with your arms and hands is an important part of your visual picture in public speaking. These movements are reinforcements of ideas and words that we are trying to convey as a non-verbal representation. Using correct gestures will help enhance our message and appear both relaxed and confident.

Bottom Line: use the appropriate gestures with confidence to improve your body language during a public speech. Just be aware of how you much as this can be distractive and often misinterpreted.

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